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On behalf of our clients, we provide engineering & procurement services to lower overall cost while providing you with more control over deliverables. We can source as well as supply equipment, tools, qualified professionals and expertise to ensure that all your needs are satisfied. Our solutions are effective in many of the major sectors, from construction and manufacturing to oil and gas. Get in touch with one of our professionals today and see how Techserveus can be of help.    


  • Engineering Design Systems

  • Engineering Products Supply

  • Site Analysis & Remodeling

  • Hands on Training & Implementation 

  • Construction Engineering

  • Validation Engineering 

Techserveus will perform on behalf of our clients; detailed design services, consultative, advisory, investigative and predesign services. We also provide support for the development of engineering project control specifications including quality, cost, duration, and scope. In regards to construction engineering, our team can help with general reviews, commissioning and start up assistance, preparing final acceptance documents, and determining deficiencies during warranty periods. 
Engineering of any sort requires skillful people, we deploy certified professionals in order to provide hands on training and validation so your company's projects follow the required standards hassle free. We conduct site analysis, remodeling, and designs to optimize results while still keeping current projects underway without delays.     
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  • Facilitate Agreements Contracts

  • Supply of Industry Goods

  • Purchase Planning 

  • Specifications Determination 

  • Supplier Research 

  • Quality Assurance

For our clients, we will source and supply a wide range of materials, tools and equipment that will perform in their service environments including sectors such as energy, manufacturing, safety and construction. Our main focus is to identify products that contain materials that are strong, reliable and durable for their intended use. Techserveus has networked with many suppliers giving you selection and convenience. Our team of technicians can immediately determine the required specifications before purchasing and implementation in your company's projects. We help facilitate service level agreements contract with OEMs and use state of the art technology to incorporate effective purchase planning programs while still ensuring top tier quality assurance.
Contact us today and see how you can become a verified supplier for Techserveus.
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Process Improvement

  • Process Mapping & Analysis

  • Standard Process Excellence  

  • Lean Management Implementation 

  • Model Experiments & Testing 

  • Tailored Improvement Designs 

  • Redundancy Elimination 

Our goal is to successfully map your current state of process across different departments within the business. We evaluate the current state, and then, if needed, re-design and validate the process.  We will take disparate processes and streamline them down, eliminate redundancies and cross-over in key roles, automate processes in your enterprise system, and incorporate leveraged system-driven reporting.
Each layout is customized based on your company's current system, then implemented in order to meet your desired future goals. Our in-house professional team use industry-leading software's like ChemCad to create innovative strategies that will optimize process outputs while returning to your company its time, money, and resources. Techserveus holds itself to a requirement via our Standard Process Excellence, this stamp of approval shows that all desired outcomes have been fulfilled and your company is fully satisfied with our expertise's.   
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