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Construction Services

We provide construction project services as Construction managers and/or General Contractors for our clients' residential renovation, new construction projects, mixed-commercial and commercial building renovation projects. Whichever of our construction services is selected, we will ensure that your project is completed to specifications, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

General Contracting

When you require General Contracting services, Techserveus will manage the day-to-day activities at your job site and take charge of the actual construction of your building. We will provide project managers or foremen with skilled trades and labourers who self-perform on projects along with specialty subcontractors (where applicable). We coordinate the work of subcontractors and serve as a liaison in communicating with you and/or your architects on project activities.

Construction Manager

When Construction Manager services are required from Techserveus, we become your collaborative partner with the owner of the project. We will provide professional engineering and project management inputs on the design and work directly with subcontractors in order to calculate more realistic costs and timeframes. By involving subcontractors in the design phase we can ensure any adjustments are made during the pre-construction process versus costly change orders in the construction phase. Onsite supervision of subcontractors in the same capacity as a General Contractor but with an even more direct and collaborative relationship with the project owner.  

Construction Services

Residential New Builds 

We manage and design the construction of new residential buildings. We understand that the complexity of constructing new residential buildings requires a combination of technical, negotiation and communication skills, which Techserveus brings to every residential new build project. We provide high-level supervision, expert communication, and cost management processes to afford project owners and project teams greater control. This will result in superior quality, reduced risk, and reliability. When we manage projects from the start, we can shorten construction time and significantly reduce overall project costs while delivering higher value without sacrifice to your vision. 

Commercial New Builds 

In order to successfully manage commercial construction projects, we control the unique variables of each project, manage change while accelerating schedules within a predefined budget and quality parameters. Our thorough project control systems (for tracking schedule, cost, and deliverables) ensure confidence in building processes, thereby allowing clients to focus on their own core business while their project is being complete.  

New Construction
Residential & Commercial Renovations

Residential Remodeling & Renovations 

Whether you have been living in your home and have just decided that it is time to make a few upgrades or you recently moved into your home and would like to remodel it. Techserveus will assist you through each stage of the process, from design to project management, to custom interior and exterior finishes to turnkey solutions. We will take the time to plan out your entire home renovation process, ensuring that each step is to provide the right skilled people for your home renovation job, plan out the major and minor details, and manage how long each part of your home renovation process will take. 

Types of home renovation projects we typically manage includes: 

                    Basement Construction & Remodeling

                    Kitchen Remodelling

                    Bathroom Remodelling 

                    Bedrooms & Ensuites 

                    Interior & Exterior Finishes

Kitchen with Marble Island

Kitchen Remodel

Complete Kitchen Remodel: 

New Countertops

New Backsplash

New Cabinetrys

New Floors

Pot Lights Installations

Gas Stove Installation

Repainted Walls

Commercial Remodeling & Renovations 

At Techserveus we understand that completing a commercial renovation is the best way to revitalize your space, re-brand your business and bring a fresh look to it. Whether you just want to freshen up your space or consider major renovations, it is very important to plan everything properly. When done right, commercial building renovations deliver a high return on investment while improving your property value. If you choose to work with Techserveus, our team will maintain transparent communication throughout the course of the project, and work carefully together with you during the planning stages to make sure your project is a success.  

Types of commercial building renovation projects we typically manage includes: 

                    Apartment Units Renovations

                    Wall Partitioning & Remodelings

                    Flooring Replacements 

                    Office Remodelings

                    Installation of Energy Efficient Fixtures

                    Restaurant Dining Space Remodelings 

                    Roof Repair & Re-Roofings

Empty Interior Living Room in a new apar

Apartment Unit Renovation

Home Additions & Extensions

Home Addition's & Extension's  

For your home extension or addition projects, Techserveus will provide technical support during the design of your project, and help you gain permit permission by working with architects who are familiar with local permit authority and their preferences. We will also provide construction management services to help you minimize cost and stay on budget in all your home addition projects. We know that the key to a successful home addition or extension starts with proper budgeting, and that is what we will give you from the start. We will then take your drawings, chosen fixtures, and finishes to deliver a completed home just the way you envisioned it. All within the set budget and timescale. While completing your home extension or addition our aim will always be to take away the stress of organizing such a project which will allow you to focus more on selecting the look and designs. Techserveus will take responsibility for the build, oversee the skilled trades, labourers and subcontractors, as well as deal with your local authority's planners, building control, health and safety, and utility companies. 

Types of home extension and addition projects we typically manage includes: 

                    Extension of ground Floor Space

                    Addition of Extra Floors

                    Structural & Building Extensions


Open plan home with living room, kitchen

Ground Floor Extension

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