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Frequently Asked Question's

What types of residential projects do you specialize in?

  • We specialize in a wide range of residential projects, including kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, basement conversions, additions/extensions, whole-home makeovers, custom builds and new construction.

What is the average duration of a residential project?

  • The timeline varies depending on the scope and complexity of your project. Small projects (i.e bathroom & kitchen projects) may take a few weeks, while larger projects (i.e additions & extensions) can extend to several months. We provide a detailed timeline during the project planning phase.

How do I get started with a residential project?

  • The first step is to contact our team to schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we'll discuss your ideas, budget, and timeline to create a customized plan for your project.

How do you manage communication during the construction process for residential projects?

  • We prioritize transparent communication. Our clients receive regular updates through meetings, emails, and project management tools. Dedicated project managers are available to address any concerns promptly.

What types of residential projects require an engineering package?

  • Our engineering packages are commonly used for a wide range of projects, including legal basement conversions, additions and extensions, relocation/removal of load bearing walls, custom builds, and new construction.

Can I make changes to the project scope or design during the construction process?

  • Flexibility is important to us. While changes may impact timelines and costs, we work collaboratively with clients to accommodate reasonable adjustments to the project scope or design during the construction phase.

What measures do you take to minimize disruptions to the building's daily life during the renovation?

  • We strive to minimize disruptions by establishing a clear schedule, maintaining a clean work environment, and coordinating construction activities to ensure your daily routines are impacted as little as possible.

How do you handle post-renovation clean-up, and what warranty or follow-up support is provided?

  • We take care of post-renovation clean-up, leaving your space in excellent condition. Additionally, we offer a warranty for our work, and our team is available for any follow-up support or adjustments needed after the project is completed.

What is the process for custom builds and new construction projects managed by Techserveus?

  • Custom builds and new construction projects involve initial consultations, architectural & structural design drawings, obtaining permits, pre-construction, construction, post-construction phase, and final inspections.

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