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Our Seamless Work Process

Free Consultation & Estimate

Licensed and Professional Teams

Safety and Quality Assurance

Workmanship and Materials Warranty

Materials Delivery and Installation

Servicing GTA & Niagara Region

Our work process will bring value to any of your projects no matter the stage or complexity. Starting from the ground up with our technology and efficient teams Techserveus eliminates uncertainty while ensuring on-time project completion. 

Solutions that cover many different project types, our flexibility allows you to pick and choose services tailored for your
specific needs and schedule. We use innovative methods to analyze and evaluate your ideas then strategically plan the execution for optimal results.  

Our 5 Step Process 


The start of it all. This stage is where we get the formal authorization to begin work on a new or current project, client involvement is paramount.


Prior to beginning activities, client/homeowner requirements and wants are all carefully documented. Financing and acceptance of deliverables are agreed upon to ensure project success. Once completed our team will then begin to form your organized and tailored blueprint.   


Don't plan to fail. We know just how important it is to lay the proper foundation for any project no matter the size. We're able to create bullet proof plans that are simple and easy to follow.


With lightning speed, our team will gather the necessary information for your project management plan to be developed. With Techserveus our connections are now yours, whatever your project may need we can provide using our networks across many suppliers.  


Our personal favourite. Techserveus understands that time is crucial, so we waste none. Our teams work to ensure timelines are met while still upholding quality.


We efficiently coordinate project resources and teams. We pride ourselves on providing 24/7 Customer Support during this phase. 

Monitoring & Control

Regardless of the scope, all projects deserve a vigilant monitoring system. Our in-house team of professional engineers, building/project managers and technicians will relieve you from the stress involved with tracking and managing a successful project.


Techserveus can also help design and incorporate easy to use project control systems. We offer technical support to ensure your service requests are managed.

Completion & Maintenance 

Far from finished. Techserveus offers maintenance and cleaning programs that will keep you satisfied long after. We offer these maintenance programs for completed projects, asset management, and building operations.

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