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Engineering, construction, and project management services for both residential and commercial new construction, building additions, and renovations. We also provide consulting, facilities maintenance and environmental services. 


Project Management


Our Guarantee

For our clients, we provide overall coordination of project work and the integration of all materials, equipment, and labor including engineering consultants, trade skills, and subcontractors to ensure projects deliverable and milestones are completed safely, on time, within budget, and to the right quality as required. 

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Our construction services include applying for building permits, providing professional advice, securing client property, providing temporary utilities on site, managing personnel on-site, providing site surveying and engineering, disposing or recycling of construction waste, monitoring schedules, monitoring cash flow, and maintaining accurate records. We work closely and together with project owners and our architects to meet deadlines and budget; we also work with subcontractors and trade skills specialists to ensure quality standards are maintained. Our construction management approach is compatible with all project delivery systems. 

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Kitchener, Ontario CA

Residential Construction  

While building residential properties, the human factor is paramount to us. Beyond the prerequisite technical and financial parameters, we believe residences should accurately reflect the owners' preferences, tastes, and personalities. When we manage residential construction, we understand that it is an opportunity for creating a legacy therefore we strive to translate these into valid, coherent projects with reasonable parameters and attainable goals. We anticipate changes and surprises and take them in stride. 


Burlington, Onatrio

Commercial Construction  

Techserveus provides full pre-construction and construction services from the planning phase which may involve multiple layers of complexity including negotiating agreements with numerous city agencies to obtain approvals, overseeing hazardous materials abatement requirements, championing value engineering and contractor negotiations to bring the project within budget. Types of commercial construction projects we manage include; office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, banks, theaters, resorts, retail properties, and larger residential structures such as hotels and condominiums. 

Burlington, Ontario CA

Industrial Construction 

Our objective for managing the construction of industrial buildings and other facilities used for storage and product production is to provide the right support for our clients' long-term capital investments. Whether to build, add to, or improve, we ensure our clients' industrial projects result in growth, increased efficiency, managed risks, minimum payback periods, and timely return on investments. Our Techserveus Team applies specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction from beginning to end, and beyond. 

Mississauga, Ontario CA

Project Delivery

Project delivery processes in most industries are full of redundancies; if you wait until told to improve your processes you are already losing the opportunity to be more efficient. Implementing continuous process improvement plans for your company's project delivery methods is a worthwhile investment. Techserveus will provide you with various ways to continuously improve your processes to accommodate cost reductions and improve yield percentages. 

Business Growth

Techserveus will help grow your business output with effective project management by implementing a robust governance framework and templates to consistently complete your projects on time, within budget, and with quality products. You do not need to reinvent the wheel every time you want results. With Techserveus project management processes, we can ensure your return on investment in capital projects.

Agile Implementation

While the business world is constantly changing and competition getting stiffer, not everyone thinks change is good. This makes assembling an agile team much more difficult for many organizations. The Agile Project Management process allows companies to adapt without redoing an entire project when there is a need for change in requirements. Techserveus will provide Agile Process implementation and training to help our clients proactively respond when project challenges arise that require change and quick turnaround. 

Efficient Professionals


Techserveus operates with compact and efficient teams of professionals, our services are less expensive with fast turnaround time. Our project managers are analytical and obsessively precise, our team enjoys working with clients and are good communicators. We are very flexible and attentive to the requirements of our clients, always eager for a challenge while ensuring a safe work environment. Whatever engineering materials, tools, or products our client needs to make the process work we will source and supply it!













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